2020 // Get Your Raggedy Ass Off My Porch!"

Finding reasons to shine amongst the most difficult of times was a troublesome concept this year. There's at least one time each day where I shake my head trying to process some new information. I don't have to tell you, it's been complete madness and will go down in history as such, 100%.  But, that's the thing about history - it's in the past, and the events that happen/ed (2020; the year as a whole) should be treated as such - as things that we're in the process of putting behind us. Why? Because in life, we have to constantly be moving forward. 

So, let's collectively find ways to look beyond what's taking place in the world, and try honing in quite a bit on what needs to take place in "your world." At the end of the long, hard-fought road of 2020 - it's time to celebrate making it through this difficult year.

At the start of the quarantine, I decided to make use of all of my down-time. For those of you who know me, I obsess over learning as much as possible. It satisfies my inner nerd like nothing else. By March 21st, I was taking four online courses for one reason or another, and had written a business plan for restructuring my businesses to keep them afloat. Keeping such a busy schedule, I seldom had time to obsess over the events as they unfolded. Instead, I was able to process information in blocks of time/or in bulk. Looking back, it was the best thing I could've done for myself. It allowed me to finally get those long-term projects off of my list and start the process of implementing some much-needed lessons into my personal life and in my business, Urbane Sky. 

If you didn't take the time you needed this year to focus on you, it's not too late. You're one decision away from a different perspective on your whole life. But, from now on, "your world" has to be the focus, and therefore, should be the only thing that matters. Say it with me..."my world is the only thing that matters." The life you choose to live for you, your children, your family, friends, and loved ones...is THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

Do not continue to allow the things that sucked your ambitions, your zest for life, your hopes and dreams, suck you dry.  2020; It's been a horror movie trailer, 100% - there's no need to make it into the full movie in 2021! Time to shift the focus back to what's important...back to "who's important" and say to 2020 to "get your raggedy ass off my porch!"

Sending love to you all in the New Year,