Sky in Amsterdam | Month 3 - Study Abroad

When Skylar first mentioned that she and her friends were traveling to Amsterdam, I was relatively unsurprised. As any normal mom (whose been there) would say: "Ok, Felicia, be sure to have the full experience!"  To which, she replied "What's that - stop at a local coffee shop, followed by window shopping for hookers in the Red Light District?" 🤭


Day 1:

She was so excited to see everyone but tired from school work (heaven forbid) and all of the prep work of getting there...trains, planes and automobiles. The first day was pretty chill, she said. They rented an Airbnb in a part of the city called Negen Straatjes.  Once they got checked in and bags dropped, they set out to explore the city a bit, walking around and taking in some architectural sights. She was so happy to see them, she sent me this message.


They found an awesome tapas place and settled on that for dinner. I’m just now remembering what she told me early on in her program, that there wasn’t any good food in Spain… but she had Amsterdam? And those were ok? I think she’s been running a racquet this whole time! “The food sucks here, so I have to travel to other countries just to eat! You don’t want me to starve, do you?” She actually said the ladder part to me when she was 3 when I told her that she couldn’t have an orange. That was when I realized who I was dealing with! “This isn’t a toddler,” I thought. “This is a demon exercising childhood psychology 101.”


Day 2:

They woke up early and headed to the city center for breakfast and a full day of activities. Her and Kendra split danish apple pancakes (geo-friendly homage) with eggs and bacon (and...then circled right back to Amurica.)  After breakfast, they took a ferry over to the A’Dam look out, for drinks at the rooftop cocktail bar and to swing over the side of a building! Wait, What?  You read that correctly!  Nobody got a video of them, but here's a video I found on YT highlighting how absolutely insane this is (I'm totally doing it the next time I go, btw!) These kids are crazy! 

It's always an Epic Fail when a city kid tries to mount a horse.

They "hung out" up there for a couple of hours and caught up on each other’s lives over cocktails before heading to The Heineken Experience for more alcohol.


Apparently, it's pretty interactive too.  You can put your name on a bottle. Be sure to watch for Skylar's name at the end of this video...she's gonna love that I shared it.

Speaking of interactive, let's move along to Em and Tom, in the below video and listen for what she says at the 8-second mark.  This is honesty at its best - and therefore it's priceless! 

The Heineken Experience has been around since 1867 and served as the company’s primary brewing facility until 1988 when a larger, more modern facility was built on the outskirts of the city. 

I mean, it’s kinda mind-blowing how cultured they are at this age. To find something that interests all of them so much that they’d tour it?  After the tour, they landed in an Irish pub, of all things, across the street...and drank Heineken and Guinness. I’m guessing from the pics.


After a full day of exploring, they ended up at dinner, where they got tapas... again, but at a different restaurant. She said, “we got paella, which I thought was funny because their first time having Spanish paella was in Amsterdam, even though they had been in Barcelona for a couple of days.“ Yeah...that is funny,” I thought.  I silently wondered if she ate it. 😏


Day 3:

Started off with an English Breakfast (more like brunch) in the City Centre followed by a visit to a local "coffee shop."  Apparently - Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Eminem, Snoop Dog and other celebs sat in the very same place, so it held some kind of significance. After their coffee break, they headed to the bike rental place for their guided tour through the city. They saw a few museums, the many rivers in Arms, learned about the architecture and history of the city, and even saw the Anne Frank House, which is a biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam.

Filmed by Skylar. (I love her laugh at the end!)

After the tour, they stopped for one final dinner and then all headed to the airport.  Another great experience in the books!  One Skylar, Kendra, Emily, Tom & Peter will look back on when they're older and have some good laughs about. When their kid comes to them and says "some friends and I are heading to Amsterdam for spring break" they can look at them and say "Ok, be sure to get the full experience while you're there!" 

Thanks for reading, everyone!!


In the next post, Skylar heads to Budapest, and next week, I'm off to Barcelona to pack her up and get her back onto US soil, but not before I do some shopping for the store there as well as in Florence and Rome.

Ciao for now!