Sky in Florence | Month 2 - Study Abroad

It's been a busy few weeks with client stuff, so I wasn't able to stick to the writing schedule that I'd planned on. The good news is that I'm caught up (mostly) with work now, so here I am! Yay me + you!  Ok, onto the post.  Btw, if you didn't see the first post about her time in Barcelona, that's where you should start. For those of you that read it, you know in the last post, that heffa had the nerve to be heading to my favorite city, Florence - for Spring Break!

 >>> Post: Skylar in España | Month 1 - Study Abroad:

"She has friends heading over for Spring break now, so she's busy planning their upcoming adventures since now she's the Urbane one.  Since she commented on the lack of great Spanish food options, her next trip is to Italy - Florence, to be exact (but why is she going to my favorite city though?!)  Ok, so now I'm downright bitter.  JK - keep killin' it baby bird!

Stay tuned for more of her ridiculously fabulous adventures!"



Now, onto the ridiculously fab adventures! First things first, school (the whole reason she's there) is going exceptionally well!  She's such a good student that she only ditched like two of her classes so far. She and her roommate at UW-Madison, Kendra, who's studying in Budapest, decided to meet up in Florence for spring break weekend and do some exploring.  They land within a few hours of each other, Skylar opting to fly in first so she can be there to greet Kendra.  She's also super confident, having been there only once, that she can figure out enough Italian to get to the city center to the Airbnb. Ok, that must be a millennial thing...having empty, but high levels of confidence that she can speak enough of another language that's she's never studied before, in order to get where she’s going. apparently, they figured the language part out.  The first stop was to drop off the luggage, then "Onward" (Wisconsin saying) to get the food she's been waiting so patiently for!  Omg, that just reminded me that this longing for Italian food dates back to the time when she and her roommates went to dinner at the Olive Garden a couple of years ago, and she feigned sick because she flat out refused to eat that pasta!  I guess I...created that monster, didn't I?  In any event, the seafood pasta was first on her list at Trattoria Zaza, followed by a tour of the Duomo.  

Their super cute Airbnb 



Trattoria Zaza, where linguini ai frutti di mare (seafood linguini) was the most important thing in her that moment.

You might remember that Florence is my favorite city, with its storybook setting surrounded by the picturesque foothills of Tuscany. It's also where I do quite a bit of shopping for Urbane Sky.  I've come across so many incredible one-of-a-kind pieces, and some amazing staples that my clients love to snatch up as soon as I'm back home!  A couple of years ago, I wanted to move there, but Skylar said that was too far....and now she's there? I don't know about you, but I find that to be an odd coincidence. Anyway, Michelangelo used to ride his bicycle past the Duomo every day en route to his apprenticeship...I figure that'd be me too, like...on the way to my apprenticeship with some guy named Mastro Geppetto, who owns the town wood carving studio. 

Florence's Cathedral is the Duomo di Firenze. Construction began in 1296 and was structurally completed by 1436, with the dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. It remains the largest brick dome ever created. I think it's easily one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen...every inch clad in pearl, pink and green marble stones. 

Giotto's Campanile is a free-standing bell tower that is part of the complex of buildings that make up the Piazza del Duomo, providing sweeping views of the city.


Kendra and Skylar goofing around in the dressing room at Gucci Gardens. She's gonna kill me for posting this one, but I've been telling her not to pose like that for years, so. Meh.

Admiring some street art

"The food be what we came for, Felicia!" -Skylar

This is the first most famous “Dave” in the world.  The second one has a BBQ sauce or something or other.  David is a masterpiece sculpture, created in marble between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo. 

Skylar and Kendra at Santa Maria Novella

Such cute roomies - I love that they got to spend some time together creating new memories in a new country for the weekend!  I'm sure they’re both looking forward to their next trip!

Omg - stop looking at me, and get in my mouth!!!

All in, it was a fantastic weekend!  They did more than their share of walking, touring, exploring and eating! Their third roommate, Emily and a few more of their UW-Madison crew have planned to crash Europe for some upcoming adventures over their spring break. Guess where they're going?

They're going to Amsterdam!  ✈️

Since I'm so late posting Month 2, the next post - Month 3, is coming out in a week or so.  On April 24th I'll be flying over to explore Barcelona for a few days, pack her up then head over to my favorite city (which is Florence in case you haven't been listening) to eat and shop for some private clients and for the store in general before heading down to Rome for more of the same. 

I'm in the process of losing 5 pounds now, so I can gain them fully while I'm there. 🍽