The Catalonia Collection | Barcelona

When I went to Barcelona to pick up Skylar from Study Abroad, I managed to get some touristy things squeezed into an already jam-packed schedule. Skylar and I thought it would be a great idea to tour a castle one afternoon. Ok fine - it was my idea - but she got on board!

High above the city lights of Barcelona lies Montjuic, a prominent hill overlooking the city and harbor. Need a ride up? Of course, you do! Your cable car awaits. 

Like most European castles, this one had its share of shady and oft times creepy surprises. Thank God there wasn't one behind that door, but there was a cool dark draft!  Perhaps, indicative of past prisoners' spirits that remain trapped inside of its walls. Yikes!! What is it with me and creepy doors?  I guess in all of that excitement, it seemed legit.

For ages, it played a strategic part in the defense of the city, but now it's just a tourist trap for people like me and you. Yay, us! Wait, no more sinking battleships from the cannons atop the castle?  Shame, but the views are incredible and are not to be missed!

There was one area, a bay, that we managed to snap a quick pic. Pretty sure its original purpose was more sinister than a selfie station. I'm thinking a trap door..."Felicia, say cheese!"

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