The Ottoman Collection | Istanbul

A historic crossroads of culture and design, Istanbul's landscape provides a prominent display of the two conquering empires that fought to seize its beauty.

A sprawling metropolis, Istanbul is a mosaic of sights, where European panache greets oriental mystique, where ancient treasures sit alongside modern designs, and where traditions thrive in a contemporary world. 

Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is an undertaking - an enterprise of men and magic. The men - smoking and arranging themselves like birds on a wire while local shop-keepers help you sort through all of their offerings - on the list, some things you were looking for, and quite a few things you didn't know you were looking for, but that are now absolute necessities! 

The pieces we sourced consistently reflect the essence of majesty and mystique of this city throughout, as well as encapsulates minimalist yet bold designs. Not an easy feat - but their intricate creations are more than just craftsmanship; they also draw upon a rich cultural heritage of handmade and steeped in tradition.