Jadah Waqia

“I am still obsessing over the linen styles that have been playing out for a while now. For this look, I put together something inspired by my days' activities, which include my favorite activity of all time - brunch, followed by work in the afternoon. I cannot tell you how much joy a simple brunch with friends brings me! In the spirit of being prepared, like every busy New Yorker, I have to be transition-ready for heading into work later. I also have to be picture ready so that I can keep my blog updated regularly with new looks. What I loved about this outfit was that it's cute and minimalistic. I also loved that it's comfortable enough for me to move around in while styling clients later on at work.
Lastly, I wanted to highlight one of the colors from the Darby earrings, in the hopes that they'd blend well, and they did. These earrings are very versatile to style, which is why it won't be hard to pair them with pieces in your closet”.
IG @styledingrace__