our story.


I'm mom to Skylar, "Sky" for short.  In a former life, I was a Director of Marketing for an Interior Design and Architecture firm. That was until I went from being a single parent, to becoming an empty-nester.  That's when shit hit the fan. 🙆🏾‍♀️  It was then that I realized it was time for a major course correction.  Armed with a new mission, without the kid, I set about launching Urbane Sky.

Before launching, we'd been city-dwellers for all of our lives. When it came time to travel over school breaks, we looked forward to visiting everything from tiny seaside villages to larger cities halfway around the world. We would explore the sights, dine in delight, and shop. In those early years, I found myself scoring one or two incredible pieces of jewelry on each trip. 

Then people started taking notice, asking "where'd you get that piece?" and I would be tasked with delivering the unfortunate news that it was sourced somewhere out of the country. At first, I'm not gonna lie, I got some enjoyment out of having such an exclusive piece, and knowing that I was one of only a handful of people in the country (if there were that many) that had this piece, was awesome! But then, it hit me...I thought "what if I could purchase just a few of each item and bring it back to the US to sell?" Then my clients could experience that exclusivity too.  That's when the idea for Urbane Sky took off. 


Since launching, I've gained so much valuable feedback from my clients, that I've broadened the scope of my offerings to include not only pieces sourced internationally but more high-quality day-to-day pieces as well. As I continue to grow, my plans include working with manufacturers around the world to produce my own private label collections. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, take a moment and do so!  There's so much more in store, and that's how we communicate with our clients! 

If you appreciate what we're trying to do, please consider forwarding our website along to your family and friends. 

Below are a few photos from our travels...